The large decor collection with an exclusive Swiss segment

ONE WORLD Collection: Innovative and versatile

The ONE WORLD Collection from SWISS KRONO AG caters to any imaginable taste with its wide selection of colours and surfaces. The collection enhances the 71 basic decors from the global ONE WORLD Collection, which incorporates the latest international design trends that we have collected for you from around the world. Attracting those with an eye for experimentation, they allow you to create custom interior designs.

The ONE WORLD products from SWISS KRONO have an antibacterial surface as standard. Find out more about the Hohenstein Certificate «Antibacterial activity / HD-114840-Z»: 

Certificate – Antibacterial Activity (ONE WORLD)

Safe and sustainable living and building

Because we spend around 90 per cent of our life in buildings, interior spaces have an essential impact on our well-being. This is the reason why ecologically safe materials and a good room climate are just as important as natural daylight and close contact with nature.

Our newly launched BE.YOND products are the most environmentally friendly particle boards available and are produced using next-generation bio-based adhesives that deliver the highest indoor air quality. BE.YOND does not compromise quality and, most importantly, not our safety either – a genuine benefit for people and nature.

BE.YOND is available in our full and extensive range of decorative designs & textures.

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